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Hollow Wood Chisel Bits


DIY wooden projects made easier than ever!

Hollow Wood Chisel Bitsproduce perfect square cutsfor your woodwork with a symmetrical finish, perfect for DIY projects of wooden furniture, doors and windows.

The sturdy construction withstands heavy & rigorous drilling work while it prevents jamming with the hollow design.

Made of HRC48-50 high speed steel, these bits drill precise holes with little pressure and fit most mortising machines and drill press attachments.


  • PROFESSIONAL WOOD DRILLING: Instantly create square holes for your woodwork.

  • EASY SQUARE WORK:Drill a symmetrical finish in just seconds.
  • LESS EFFORT: Require less strength and effort to obtain flawless results.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY:Made of HRC48-50 high speed steel for high performance and shape cutting edges.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Ideal for most mortising machines and drill press with universal fit.
  • WIDE APPLICATION:Can be used for DIY wood projects, furniture making and more.


  • Material: High-speed Steel
  • Hardness: HRC48-50
  • Drilling Core Length: 200mm
  • Size: 6.4mm/ 8mm/ 9.5mm/ 12.7mm/ Full Set


  • 1x Square Wood Chisel (Full Set)
  • 1x Per size (6.4mm/ 8mm/ 9.5mm/ 12.7mm)

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